We at Potent Group Inc are proud to introduce a quantum leap in battery technology.

Intec Energy Storage Corp has developed the world’s first sustainable rechargeable battery system that outperforms all other battery on the market today.

Electrical energy has become an essential element throughout society and the developing world. Along with this the need for low cost storage. Necessities such as cell phones, laptops, medical devices and other consumer electronics. Globally the trend is towards reliable electrical storage. Batteries provide an array of applications; Electric Vehicle, Solar Storage, Mass Energy Storage to name few.

The Intec battery delivers twice the power and power density of any rechargeable battery on the market today. It is also the first completely organic and environmentally friendly battery solution.

Intec’s patented “Fast Charge System” enables charging from 0-100% in seconds. Material and manufacturing costs of the Intec battery is a fraction of any other battery.

This revolutionary battery is poised to change the way we use secondary batteries and will raise the standard of living for all walks of life planet-wide.