Intec Battery

The Intec battery is safe to the consumer and the environment, as well as being the most cost effective energy storage solution available. All composition components are commodities that are readily available at a cost that is significantly cheaper than the building blocks of other batteries, resulting in potential production costs of pennies per W/h.

Introducing the Revolutionary Intec Battery

Revolutionary Battery Technology

Potent Group is proud to introduce Intec’s revolutionary secondary battery and a complimentary fast charge system. The Intec Battery uses patented aluminum iontechnology with a completely organic, environmentally friendly electrolyte that significantly outperforms lithium ion technologies. This is a revolutionary battery with respect to production stability, operational performance and environmental sustainability.

The Intec Battery is currently in its first generation of technical development. Multiple third party tests have not only confirmed, but surpassed theoretical design expectations.


Practical Applications     

  • Data Center/UPS
  • Laptops/Phones/Personal Devices
  • Mass Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Solar/Renewable Energy Storage
  • Medical devices/Implants
  • The Internet of Things
  • Toys
  • All other battery applications

Key Attributes

  • The electrolyte is a quasi-solid which allows the cells to work in any orientation
  • The Intec Battery is flexible and can be shaped to conform to specific applications
  • Cells can be linked in series or parallel without limitation
  • No measurable build up of aluminum hydroxide or any by-products over three years of testing
  • Capable of 100% charge to 0% discharge without any damage or battery deterioration
  • Cells can be constructed very small without bulky casing /protection
  • The “Alpha” prototypes are over five years old, have cycled over 2000 times in validated tests and these same prototypes are still being tested
  • Cells have been produced in our lab as thin as 0.3mm


environmentally- friendly

Potent Group Inc has an exclusive, world-wide right to engage in negotiations with third parties relating to the commercialization of the Intec Battery.


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